Columbia Engagement Photographer: SC State House Engagement

Fabi and Kenny are getting married! I was lucky to be referred to this beautiful couple by a local newborn photographer Charlotte Ashley Photography (you should definitely check out her work!). Fabi had a very specific classy look for her session. She sent me her inspiration photographs that reminded me of something you would see in Vogue photoshoot – very modern and elegant at the same time. She was also planning on her and Kenny dressing up, so I was very excited about this session!

Unfortunately the day of the shoot, a storm rolled into Columbia. We had originally planned to do an evening shoot in front of the Columbia Art Museum. I called Fabi to let her know the weather situation, and she was eager to find a way to do the session anyway. I suggested the top of the South Carolina State House steps where there is an overhang (I have captured wedding portraits under this overhang in the rain before for another photographer (I was second shooting), so I was glad to have remembered it). She was thrilled at the idea. I’m so glad that we were able to work this out because the photographs turned out beautiful! I love capturing a client’s vision for their session, and Fabi was pleased. Check these out!

Congratulations, Fabi and Kenny! It was such a pleasure meeting you both and having fun despite the weather.

This session would not have been possible without the use of off-camera flash. What’s that? It’s where I have multiple light sources off of my camera pointed in controlled directions that is being triggered by my camera. I absolutely love off-camera flash! Contact me today to schedule your engagement session!