2014 Summer Sessions & Lola Dee Updates

IMG_0589Lola Dee was kept busy this summer by tweaking the website (which is almost 100% complete – check back for some awesome vendor references), and some great summer sessions! In July, I was able to try out some new equipment with a network shoot featuring the lovely Cara.




I was also asked to return for the second time and be the event photographer for ColaDaily.com’s Strictly Business that was held in July at EdVenture Kid’s Museum (http://coladaily.com/sb/)



The first Strictly Business was held back in March of this year at the Windermere Club:


I love being the photographer at Strictly Business because I get to meet so many different vendors; the networking is priceless – especially when I can find more recommendations for my clients! One of the groups I met at the second Strictly Business was “Battle Buddies 4 Life” who asked me if I would be interested in being the photographer at their next board meeting. Having loved ones who have served and are currently serving in our armed forces, I delightfully accepted the request and am proud to say that I am now a board member serving as their public relations contact (http://battlebuddy4life.wix.com/bb4l – the website is undergoing some construction, so please check back soon).


I also had the pleasure of doing a downtown photo session with 4 lovely young ladies who are interested in breaking into the young teens modeling world:



On a personal level, July brought on a difficult obstacle when our rescued dog, Harvey, was diagnosed with heartworms. It was determined that he had been infected a couple of months before being surrendered to the downtown shelter. We were devastated, but we prayed on it and explored our options. I have learned so much about this condition, and we were prepared to go headfirst into the “aggressive” treatment that was recommended to us so that he would be better by Christmas (what a great present, right!?). With the treatment being basically like chemotherapy for dogs, I asked that they run one more heartworm test in August to confirm the diagnosis before subjecting him to intense treatment. Our prayers were answered when the test came back negative! Turns out the original test had been a false positive!


And on that happy note, I leave you with a verse that has spoken to my heart today:  Romans 15:13